Jamey Atchinson

Core Company Dancer

Jamey grew up in Alaska and was a competitive figure skater until the age of 18. He then joined Disney on Ice where he performed in more than 30 countries over 7 years. After touring, he moved to Denver to pursue a degree in biology and chemistry. Retiring from a performance based career was hard for him so he sought out a new way to express himself. The solution turned out to be aerial acrobatics. He had minimal training while on tour but decided to take the leap and began intensively training aerial silks with Aerial Fabric Acrobatics in 2011. Since then he has been performing around the Denver metro area at art galleries, night clubs, burning man parties, world dance shows and corporate events. His circus interests have since expended to include corde lisse and duo trapeze. He has been performing with his wonderful trapeze partner, Samantha McKinney, since 2014.