Cirque Stars

 Iluminar Aerial’s Cirque Stars is an excitement-filled class geared towards kids 5-12 years of age.  The company will meet for 2 hours a week, learning aerial and dance technique, as well as ground and partner-based acrobatics.  The students will work together over a 3 month session to build a show that will be performed at Iluminar Aerial’s studio under the stage lights.  The program is great for both kids that are brand new to aerial but have a drive to perform, as well as students that have already started classes and are ready for the next step. This 2 hour a week performance class is perfect for those busy families as well!

Iluminar Flyers

The Flyers performance company focuses on the creation of aerial acts in a fun and experimental environment while learning the importance of teamwork. This company meets for 6 hours a week over a 8 month contracted period, working on choreography for two to three shows throughout the season from August to April. The program also includes aerial, and ground dance classes throughout the week.

Iluminar TOO

TOO is Iluminar’s highest commitment level, youth performance company that focuses on the creation of full length, theatrical productions in a team based atmosphere. Company members focus their hard work on creating a full length, theatrical production which is performed at a professional theater at the end of their season. TOO members participate in their own full length production as well as being guest performers in Iluminar’s Professional Company production.  TOO members also perform in events around the Boulder/Denver area and in Iluminar’s studio shows. TOO is an audition based, contract program with the requirement of at least 8 hours of training a week.