Daniel Nolasco

Professional Performer & Aerial Coach

Daniel Nolasco set himself to train in a variety of art forms until he found his calling in circus. He came into the artistry with Frequent Flyers Productions in Boulder, Colorado.  The exhilarating combination of dance, theater, physicality, and music made circus his addiction. Daniel furthered his knowledge and passion for circus when he moved to Vermont; where he graduated from the New England Center for Circus Arts Professional Programs with a focus in Static/Dance Trapeze, Straps, and Sling.

By fall of 2013, Daniel became core member of various companies back home like Iluminar Aerial and Aerial Dreamworks. Soon after, he began training and performing Duo Trapeze with friend Ashley Smith. With their unique quirks, eye for detail, and unparalleled connection the two formed Duo D&A. In Summer of 2014, the duo became recipients for the Best Artistic at the Aerial Acrobatics Arts Festival in Denver, CO. Since then both take constant trips to Montreal, Canada to hone their technique and develop their artistry further among the best.

When life is not upside down you can find Daniel drawing, climbing, diving, and studying for a degree in Concept Art for Game Development. Currently he is happy traveling oversea alongside friends with Mein Shieff 6.