Residency Program

Iluminar Aerial’s Residency Program is designed specifically for fine arts magnet schools and college dance and theatre departments around the country to teach and promote aerial as a recognized and accepted artistic dance form.

Aerial is quite often perceived as a “circus” act and solely based for entertainment purposes only, however Iluminar strives to create artistic aerial works stemming from the basics of ballet and modern dance technique to create technical dance in the three dimensional space. The dance curriculum at most schools and universities do not include the study of aerial dance. Our goal is to implement a change in the education of aerial dance and introduce it as an artistic dance genre.

Iluminar provides masters classes, workshops, or a one to two week residency with your students. Iluminar provides equipment, rigging, and liability insurance.

For more information, click on the below links for full descriptions of our programs

Iluminar Master Classes & Workshops

Iluminar Residencies

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