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How to Register

Look at our current class schedule to see which class is the best for you or your child.

IA Summer 2017 Session Teacher Schedule (June 5th-August 12th, 2017)

IA Spring 2017 Session Schedule (March 6th-June 3rd, 2017)

We run our classes through iclasspro and in order to register in a class you must first make an account through the portal website. Click on the below link to be directed to the portal login page.  You will then click on the top right hand side of the page where is says “Login or Create and Account”, click “Create an Account” and just follow the instructions. Make sure to add yourself or your child as a student. You may also email us at iluminaraerial@gmail.com or call us at (720) 445-0415 for any questions regarding enrollments.


Discounts for Registering in Multiple Classes

Register for 2 classes: receive 10% off the 2nd class
Register in 3 classes: receive 10% off the 2nd class and 20% off the 3rd class

Registration Forms

All students must fill out Iluminar Aerial’s Release form before you attend your first class. You must also fill out the electronic release form for Flatiron’s Gymnastics Center when you create your account on iclasspro.  We rent space from Flatiron’s Gymnastics and therefore all participants must fill out both release forms. 

Release Form-IA

Please read the below form before attending your first class so you or your child comes dressed appropriately and ready for class!

What to Know for Aerial Classes

First Class

When you arrive for your first class, please check in with our front desk staff. If no one is there to assist you, please tell your teacher that you are there for your first class so they can make sure you have been registered correctly and have filled out the proper forms. 

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